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We are all masters of our lives, happiness, and destiny. Sadly, so many people start out their lives with unhappy conditions, but they turn them around and make wonderful, joyful, loving, and prosperous lives for themselves.

Well, just look how The Unknown Wizard changed his life and …Well, please read my original story, “A Little Tale”, which follows.  I wrote it to accompany the miniature dollhouse scale (1:12thscale) Unknown Wizard cabinet. This enchanted Unknown Wizard cabinet is for sale at my Etsy shop. (

That glorious seaweed inside the cabinet is a small piece of the seaweed that a friend gave me. It comes in sheets, which I found rather odd. I always thought seaweed came in strands, But, it was that glorious seaweed that triggered the creation of this cabinet.

“A little Tale”…
As far back as he could remember he was always alone. He had no one to talk to or to be with him. He had no friends or pets, and worst of all, his parents despised and ignored him as if he didn’t exist.
He was not stupid, far from it. In truth, he possessed an enormous amount of wizardly powers…at least 10xs more than both his parents combined. So, he knew he did not look like everyone else; that he was deformed and, well, rather ugly. But, his parents?
When his parents thought he was out of hearing range, when he was not, he would hear them talking about him and saying such horrible things: “How could we have created that monstrosity?” “I think we should send him somewhere far away to some home or something.” So, in the interim, until they sent him away, they simply ignored him completely and pretended he did not exist.
He did not understand. In spite of his vast knowledge and maturity for one so young, he was baffled why his parents and everyone else judged him, on his appearance, rather than on his good heart, gentle nature, cool sense of humor, love of fun, and his intelligence and ideas. He had so much to share and to give. But, instead his deformed physical body was all they all saw. He was more than just a body, but no one understood that.
He did not ask to be born this way. Heck, if he could change himself and be handsome, he would in a second. He did, in fact, try many times to cast spells to change his body, but they all failed. It was his destiny…his fate. The die was cast by One greater than us all and he had to accept what he was given. Inside he hurt deeply and was so lonely that at times, he cried in agony.
He knew he had to get way and fast before his parents put him away in some far away home. So, he took what he needed, left no note for he knew they would not read it, and using his wizardly powers thought of the place he dreamed of  living every night before he fell asleep… the place he wanted to live…near the sea and far from people, wizards, and the like.  Within seconds he was transported and he found himself standing on a pristine beach with his feet in the cool salty water. This made him laugh….something he had no memory of ever doing before. He was filled with delight.
He was facing the beautiful blue ocean and behind him were huge rocks or, to be precise, boulders with caves. He went to examine them and found one that opened to many large rooms. It was light and airy; he knew he was home.
During the day he stayed inside and did what it is that wizards with great knowledge do. But, as the sun began to set, he went outside. This was his time.  He let the cold salty water kiss his feet, felt the setting sun’s remaining warmth on his face, and breathed in the sea. He was no longer alone. He was part of creation… of the greater whole. He was part of the cosmos, as we all are, but tend to forget it. All in creation are one and connected.
Years went by and he grew from the young man he was when he first arrived to a man now in his early 50’s. He had his routine which followed nightly. He would walk the beach with his feet in the water…in all kinds of weather… night rain, fog, wind or storm. He walked and walked and watched the sun set. Once set, he would gaze at the stars and enjoyed the degree of light or darkness the Goddess sent his way as she changed the moon phases.
One night, when the Goddess was in her glory and the moon was full, while walking, he felt something was amiss and he heard something. Someone was in pain, great pain. He could feel and hear it; then he heard the screaming, crying, and yelping. Rushing to the source of the sound, he found a little sopping wet, but still fluffy, puppy with his little leg caught between two nasty sharp boulders. The more he struggled, the worst the damage.
Speaking gently to the little dog, he bent down and rubbed his wet head and ears. Using his powers, he freed the little dog within seconds and then gathered him up in his cloak to warm him to avoid shock. Again, calling upon his abilities, he whisked them both home to his cave and he began to work quickly on the little fellow. He saw he had damaged his bone so he set it. But, sadly, he would be left with a slight limp for the rest of his life.
He dried him, fed him, and held him until he fell asleep. As he was holding the puppy’s little warm body close to his, he realized this was the first time he had ever touched anyone, let alone held them and felt their energy and warmth. He thought he would burst. He could feel the puppy’s little heat rapidly beating due to his fever. They were heart to heart. He knew the puppy, even in his sleep, could feel his. They were connected; one heart to another.
The puppy got well and during the weeks of his healing, the two bonded. They were pals and inseparable. The puppy joined him every night for their long walks and even taught the wizard how to toss him a ball or stick.  He loved the wizard with his entire being and soul and the wizard felt the same way.
The wizard thought…after all those nights before he went to bed for all those years when he sent prayers up to the Heavens, they were finally answered.  He was no longer alone. He was loved for himself, his heart, and his soul. To his little beloved, his deformed ugly body did not exist. He was beautiful in his eyes.”
~Marsha J. West, Author*
(This is my original “A Little Tale” and my personal creative property. It is not to be stolen, copied, printed or used in any medium without prior approval.)

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

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