Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello! It has been quite awhile since I posted. Whoa! Time certainly has the ability to fly.
I have not been blogging because I am not well and trying to get my health back. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but then I thought you all would think I faded away or fell off the planet.  Also, I injured my hand, very badly, in a gardening accident and may need surgery. There… I said it out loud. Phew!
It is very hard for me to admit or tell anyone that I am not well. For me only, I feel it is a flaw or weakness.  The little wizard, who lives in my backyard under my plumbago bush, told me that is foolish way to think and he is right. But, some thoughts, beliefs or ideas get stuck in our head and stay there. Maybe he has a potion or some elixir to remove that thought.
Despite what is going on, I have still been creating like crazy. The ideas are flowing like snow falling down a hill in an avalanche. Life is funny. I was always just RIGHT handed. My left hand was there, I think, just for symmetry and balance. But, now, it has stepped up to the proverbial plate and can do everything but write.
Due to my health and accident issues,  I put Enchanticals and my other Etsy shop, LunasLoot, “on vacation”. But, I plan to re-open them this month or early September. YAY!!!!
PLUS, Enchanticals has expanded to a new selling place. Tra-la! I am going to keep that a surprise until the construction is finished and it is open for business.
Enchanticals on Etsy will no longer sell any other miniature scale but 1:12th. I will continue to sell enchanted items along with miniatures, as I always have, such as my Elemental and enchanted bottles, just to name two. But, anything “miniature” will solely be1:12th scale. Scales 1:6th and 1:4th will be sold at my NEW (!!)  shop, which I am working on for fashion dolls only.
I have had plenty of time to think. Ha!
Now, a moment of sappy. … I appreciate all of you who, not knowing what the heck was/is going on with Enchanticals and me, have stuck by me. That means so much to me. You have no idea. Thank you.
Here is a preview of one of the items which will be sold on Enchanticals when it reopens, (NOTE: This is my original idea, design, and execution. It is not to be copied or stolen and the photo of it is not to be reproduced, copied or used on any venue. Plus the title is not to be copied or stolen either.)
Miniature Fairy Feast