Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Hallows Eve is Just About Here…

Ready for All Hallows Eve, hmmm?

Oh, I don’t mean the candy for the kiddies or the costumes for you or your parties with their spooky decorations. Oh, no!

 I mean are you READY for the demons, vampires, unholies, ghoulies, and spirits that will be stalking the streets in search of innocent victims to overtake and inhabit their bodies, thus, forcing them out of their own bodies and causing them to descend to hell to take their places and endure their sentences? The innocents’ only hope is to wait in hell for the year, suffering, until the wheel again starts to turn and a portal is opened on All Hallows Eve. Them, they have a chance to escape the hot smelly putrid bowels of hell to this side and find another innocent victim to overtake and inhabit their bodies…forcing them to replace them in hell. The chances of finding their old bodies are unlikely so, sadly, they have to make victims of other innocents.

“Halloween” is fun…but for who?

To get you really jazzed up for the spooks and spirits you will be seeing, hearing, feeling, and maybe exchanging places with, I thought these scary, eerie, and spooky photos of a few of my creations would help you get in the mood. Enjoy!

Be sure to have plenty of Holy Water, garlic, a blessed sword, a blessed dagger (any faith can bless them), and your guard up as Twilight turns to night and the dead cross that portal to our side.

Enjoy and BOO, my Friends!


Now, I shall leave you with a "A Little Tale"...

When you are immortal, time no longer concerns you. Days roll into weeks, weeks into years, and years into decades. If you have seen one sunrise or sunset, you have seen thousands… and they all look about the same.

And, after moving every 50 years or so to a new location, changing your identity, and pretending to set down roots, gets old pretty fast. Not to mention having to be mindful to “age” yourself appropriately as the years go by so you still don’t look 25 years old and people don’t get suspicious.

Yes, I was just 25 years old when I became immortal. You see, I discovered the Philosopher’s Stone. You may think I was pretty young to have discovered it at age 25, but to me, it was no big deal. I had an IQ then of 180 and, I am sure, it is higher now. And, yes, it is true, not only do you become immortal, but you becomes filthy dirty rich because you can turn any metal into pure solid gold. So, along with youth forever, I have uncountable riches.

At first it was really a thrill and so exciting. To be young, very very rich, and immortal are everyone’s dreams come true. Well, careful what you dream for, you may just get it and you will find it is not what you dreamt it would be.
I went everywhere, to every country and place 100+ times and bought everything from mansions to cars to watches to women to horses to art. I tried every dangerous sport without fear because I knew I would never die.

But, after a while, it all becomes b-o-r-i-n-g. One big snooze. One house, no matter how lavish, looked the same as another; a car is just a car; and travel, well, what was there to see that I had not seen 200 times before?

Life became a drag and the future stretched ahead of me endless with no joy, no expectations, no hopes, and no dreams.

I even tried philanthropic work. But, honestly, the poor, sick, weak, homeless, and needy stayed constant. The faces changed, but the sheer number of them remained constant. Another drag. It was as if Universal Law has to keep the number of people who are poor, sick, and needy or the like constant. It cannot decrease no matter what you do to try to make an impact. It is a losing battle. Even with all my money, I could not make a dent in that human tragedy, plus… I was so tired of seeing their eyes filled with pain, hopelessness, loss, hunger, death…

Then, one day, quite by chance, and luck, while I was driving, drinking, and texting in my Porsche, I accidently hit and killed a man. Thankfully, it was on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere and without witnesses. At first, I was horrified and upset.

When I got of the car and looked at the body, my heart was racing. Then, when I saw the man, just an ordinary man, I realized I was looking straight in the face of death. Death… An end…The end. A period to the sentence of life.

The man’s life was over and he moved on somewhere. No more daily grind for him; no more car pooling, no more walking the dog, living with the wife or going to work. It all ended by MY hand!

All of a sudden a strange, yet familiar and forgotten, feeling came over me. Joy. I felt joy! How long had it been? I had no idea. I felt powerful and alive again. I knew I found my purpose for all those endless dull and boring years since my discovery. I was the chosen one who was to stop life for others. I could free so many people from the hell of their daily samo-samo existence.

My purpose was to set them free. I was like an Angel… the Angel of Freedom. I was given immortality and made to suffer the boringness of life all those years so I could understand and, thus, be able to discover my true purpose. It all was so clear now. I was chosen to be the one who sets others free by killing them and sending them on. I am the period of their lives.

I began to make a list of the all the ways to kill people. The list was endless and, being a genius, very creative. I would never be bored again. I felt reborn. I found my destiny. And, not only would I be setting these people free, but I would also be helping their families. They would have a chance to start a new life, inherit insurance money, stay single, remarry… the possibilities for them were endless too. It was all so clear now.

But, what to do with the bodies? Well, before I discovered the Philosopher’s Stone, I had wanted to be a surgeon. I decided I would perform autopsies on each person I set free. Then, I would save their parts in labeled jars and send them to the families with a note. This way they would know their person was dead and they could then move out of their dull lives and start fresh too. They would have the proof of the death needed to inherit life insurances, remarry or whatever.

I remember that day as if were yesterday. After my epiphany, I had taken a deep breath and sucked in the night’s fresh air until my lungs were full for the first time in years, let the moonlight shine on me, and felt such a sense of joy that continues to this day. I actually felt rapture, the same rapture I still feel today, when I started my new life and began fulfilling my destiny…

~ Marsha J. West, Author

(This  story may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, distributed or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain.)

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