Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Fairy Queen Of Hearts Cabinet

Happy Valentine's Day from Enchanticals!

This cabinet will be listed shortly at Enchanticals on Etsy. (www.Enchanticals.etsy.com).

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

Monday, February 13, 2012

Discounts Now Offered at Enchanticals at my Etsy Shop!

I am offering discounts to returning buyers and blog followers!!
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I am certain you understand.

I also offer a Layaway Plan at Enchanticals at Etsy. Let’s be honest, even though our economy is making our wallets slim, we still want to shop. It’s on our DNA; I think we all have a marker on our DNA for “Shop til you Drop!
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I have new items listed and will be listing more as the weeks go on. My creative juices are flowing like crazy.
Cupid’s Miniature Enchanted Supply Hutch
Being the son of Venus (goddess of love) and Mars, Cupid is a god himself. He was believed to be one of the primordial gods and so, naturally, he lived on Mount Olympus.
However, he loved to spend his time on the Earth shooting his arrows at humans. Cupid supposedly carried two sets of arrows: one gold-headed, which inspires love; and the other lead-headed, which inspires hatred.
While on the Earth, even Cupid needs a place to keep all his possession, such as his love potions, Love Dust, the snake that tempted Adam and Eve, and his book of Love Spells, just to name a few, as well as his bow and arrows.  So, he created a hutch for all of them… much like this one. 
Having the powers of the Gods, Cupid keeps his enchanted hutch hidden where no one can find it. He can hide his hutch in such a way no one can find it. Plus, he has endowed it with the ability to “move” with him wherever he goes. A simple beckon of his finger and …POOF! It appears wherever he is.

Listed for sale at Enchanticals…Here is the direct link to Enchanticals:
Have a love filled Valentine’s Day!
And, remember to make it enchanted, Marsha

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Perfect Time of Year for…

In late January, when I looked out my window at my backyard, I noticed the little wizard, who lives under my plumbago bush, scurrying about. He was carrying crystal balls and placing them gently in certain areas of the yard, after consulting the sky, moving other crystal balls from their current location to a new one, and bringing the remaining ones back inside his house. Naturally, I was more than curious, so I opened my patio doors and made my way over to him.
The little wizard is very powerful, wise, and very old, but still spry. As I am certain you know, wizards live many many years longer than humans, thus, the age much slower than we do.
His house, under my plumbago bush, was the house I made for our yard toad, but the little wizard commandeered it and claimed as his own. From the outside it looks like the one I made from an over turned clay pot with a hole in front so the toad could go in and out. I had decorated it with colorful flat backed glass marbles in bright colors and different colors of sea glass.
However, once the wizard moved in, it no longer remained the toad house I made or, for that matter, the toad’s house. The toad moved elsewhere. But, the house itself changed. Inside, the wizard’s home is gigantic with room after room after room, seemingly going on forever. Each room has its own designated purpose, such as the potion room, the alchemy room, the spell room, the invention room, and his library, which must have a zillion books stuffed on all of the shelves of the entire floor to ceiling bookcases. The books, in spite of all the shelves, still spill over onto chairs, the floor, and on his desk.  Being inside is rather mind boggling on many levels.
Well, for example, one of them is the fact that I am a human and, thus, human sized. But when the little wizard invites me inside his house, I fit.
Well, back to the crystal balls…
Approaching my little wizard friend, I noticed for the first time, he was dressed rather formally with a long purple velvet robe and matching tall wizard’s hat with a very wide stiff brim. Both were decorated with unfamiliar symbols, numerous gems and crystals, and cryptic drawings. He looked very regal.  The long robe dragged on the ground but didn’t hamper his rapid movements one bit.
He didn’t notice me.  And, to my embarrassment, I almost tripped him by stepping in his way as he was dashing back to his house.  Of course, that resulted in him seeing me.  His expression was hard to read, but it seemed to be a mixture of pleasure to see me and annoyance at my being there.
Unable to truly read his reaction and feeling uncomfortable about being there, as well as, the fact that he is a very powerful wizard, I did not want to tempt fate and spend the rest of my life as a spider, so, I decided to leave him to whatever he was doing. After all, it was really none of my business.
I cleared my throat, apologized for almost tripping him, and then very politely said, “I can see you are very busy and this is a bad time. I will catch up with you another day.” After saying that, I turned toward my house and started walking back. Part of me wanted to run, but I held my composure and walked slowly, head held high, towards my patio doors.
“Wait!” he shouted suddenly and very loudly which started me to such I degree that I stopped dead in my tracks, not even blinking an eye. I stood there waiting to be turned into a spider or some other insect, but instead, the little wizard said, “No, don’t go! Please come back. I apologize for my rudeness.” He then continued, “I could really use a break right now. Come join me for some tea in my library. I will get a nice fire going.”
Now, here comes that odd part I told you about… The next second I was inside his little house. I went from human size to his miniature size.  Just like that, feeling nothing.
I knew which of the many rooms his library was so I made my way to it and there he was with a beautiful fire going and two large old wooden cups brimming with pine tea, my favorite. The fire was especially beautiful, shooting off little flashes of red, blue, and then green. He gestured for me to be seated in “my” chair and, after I was seated, he sat down and sighed.  He sat quietly with his eyes closed, holding his tea near his face, seemingly deep in thought.
I sipped my hot tea and looked around the library at all the chaos...books everywhere, papers and scrolls here and there, scraps of paper all over the floor with notes on them written in foreign and ancient alphabets, spilled ink on the wooden floor… How could he or anyone, for that matter, function in such a mess?
We sat like that for a bit and then said, “You are, of course, curious about what I am doing, yes?” I nodded. He smiled. “That is one of the many things I like about you, Marsha, you have a curious nature like a cat! That is very healthy. It means that you love knowledge and learning.”

At first, when he posed the question about my curiosity, I could feel my face starting to turn bright red in embarrassment, but that passed when he finished his sentence. I didn’t want him to think me noisy but, it seemed, he did not.
“No need to be embarrassed, My Dear. It is not every day that you see me running hither and yon with crystal balls, moving them to and from specific locations.  I am not going to attempt to explain to you why I choose one location over another and what makes one preferable to another or why I keep moving the crystals balls. It will be too much for you to comprehend.” I took offense at that statement, but let it pass, because my curiosity got the better of my ego.
“You see, during this time in the Wheel of the Year, it is the ideal time to energize and infuse new crystal balls, re-energize used ones, and remove any negativity or evil from misused ones. At this time, Light starts to overcome Darkness. As you know, and what is it you humans call it, ahhhh, yes, yes, in December… the shortest day in the Wheel of the Year,  is the time when Darkness is losing its power over the earth and Light is increasing its power. So Light’s energy is at an all time high. Darkness does not wish to let go, so Light must use all the strength, power, and energy it build up during the Dark time and force itself, the Light, to take control and defeat Darkness. Each day, Light’s energy and power grows stronger and stronger and Darkness is defeated and relegated to a secondary position. “
“Of course, as we know, life is cyclical, thus, Darkness will once again defeat Light in Midsummer and the cycle will continue, as it has for eons. But now, Light’s energy will keep growing until it reaches its peak at the end of the month called January.
 So, I must get all these crystal balls energized, re-energized, and infused with Light’s full energy and power before its peak levels off….then wanes as the Year of the Wheel turns.  So, I must keep moving them and rotating them to capture the highest energy vibrations which Light emits as the Sun rotates its position in the Heavens. Now, there you have it, Child. Now, sit and finish your tea. I must get moving.  Time never stops…nor will it ever.”

As he was leaving, he turned and said to me, “Ahh, do leave the door open when you leave.” Then, he was off with a handful of crystal balls. Taking that as my cue, I quickly gulped down what was left of my tea and went to the front door only to find myself outside and human sized again.
~Marsha J. West, Author
(This  story, creation, and work may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, distributed or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain.)
Many of these crystals balls and scrying balls are for sale at Enchanticals. (www.Enchanticals.etsy.com)

Some are ones that have been sold. However, as of yet, I have not listed all of them in my shop. If you see one you like and it is not yet listed, just convo me at Enchanticals at Etsy and tell me which one you are in need of buying.

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha