Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Enchanted Woods' Secret Flowers

Hi, All! Please bear with me while I am redoing my blog. EEK!
In the meantime, I want to share a secret with you.
The Enchanted Woods are located in Enchanticals. Most, if not all, humans do not know that the Enchanted Woods even exists. Let alone, that it resides in Enchanticals. One thing is for sure, humans have no idea just how huge the Enchanted Woods are.
Humans are allowed in certain parts of the Enchanted Woods... another fact they are unaware of. While in them, they think they are in just a beautiful forest or woodland area. That is how it is supposed to be in order to protect the Enchanted Woods and its inhabitants.
The Enchanted Woods has so many things humans have never seen or heard of. Well… for example, the flowers. There are flowers in there that only the inhabitants of the Enchanted Woods know about. These flowers are so…
Wait! Instead of trying to describe them to you, let me share some photos with you.
Now, my Friends, remember; at Enchanticals you must suspend your reality and let your imagination, along with whimsy and enchantment, run free!




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