Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enchanticals is Officially Re-opened!!!

Yes! Enchanticals is officially re-opened!!! So, come on by and see what’s new. (

Yes! Enchanticals is officially re-opened!!! So, come on by and see what’s new. (

Now do keep in mind, after a long vacation, I am in the process of restocking the shelves with newly created enchantments, as well as relisting all the listings, ALL the listings!) which expired while I was on vacation. Plus, I have to dust, clean the windows, well, you know… But I am typing and listing as fast as I can.

There will be some new changes at Enchanticals. After January 1, 2012, “miniatures” will be only in 1:12th scale. I am in the process of opening a new shop just for Fashion Dolls in 1:6th and 1:4th scale which will cater only to them and their home decorating preferences and personal style. More details will be forthcoming when construction is completed. But, until that date, I hope to list a few 1:6th and 1:4th scale items. After January 1, 2012, if not sold, they will be transferred to the new shop.

Also, Enchanticals will be selling at three new selling sites!!! I am really excited. They are being set up now. And, again, as each one is set up and ready for you to shop, I will provide all the key information here on my blog.

And, you thought I spent my vacation on the Cote d'Azur in the French Riviera...

In my listings at Enchanticals, I normally write “A Little Tale” for each piece I create. I will continue to do this, but the listing will have a shortened version and the entire tale will be here on my blog.
(My “A Little Tale” are my personal creative property and are not to be copied, reprinted, duplicated, plagiarized, stolen or used in any medium.)

Did You Know This about Fairies?

A Little Tale”…
Faeries have a very high metabolism and a high energy level during both the day and the night…They are in constant motion….moving, flying, doing, talking, dancing, singing, and etc.  Thus, they continuously burn off enormous amounts of calories in one human day.
So, to keep themselves strong and their energy level high, they are constantly munching on snacks, berries, acorns or whatever is at hand as they go about their very important fairy business.
They are active all day, as well as during most of the night. However, at that very enchanting and magical time of day, as the sun is setting and Twilight begins to appear bringing its myste and shadows to the Enchanted Woods, the faeries stop and feast. Not only is this a time to completely fill and fuel their bodies, but it is a time for them to catch up and tell each other, their family, and their friends about their day.
Who eats with whom varies from day to day…families eat together when their off springs are young, couples dine alone, newlyweds slip off together to a secret place, and Faerie BFFs go off on their own to eat and gossip.
Speaking of gossip, all faeries love to gossip. They love it almost as much as they love food. While they stuff themselves until their bellies feel like bursting, they talk nonstop. In fact, at this magical time called Twilight, when you think you hear something like a buzzing, but are not quite certain so you pass it off as the woodland creatures settling in for the night, mostly likely you are hearing fairy chatter.
Being vegetarians, fairies eat the gifts given to them by nature. They love Unicorn milk; pure spring water; juices made from berries; all kinds of berries, especially gobblemeupbeeries, which grow only in certain areas of the Enchanted Woods; acorns; pine needle tea; mushrooms; and birch bark, just to name a very few.
When the eating and gossiping is finished, several talented male fairies bring out their enchanted reed flutes and begin to play tunes which originated from the ancient times…written by the ancient fairies eons ago. These tunes seem to be embedded within each fairy. As the music starts, they join hands, form a circle, called a fairy ring, and dance…starting slowly and then going faster and faster until their tiny feet look like a blue cloud of energy.
While doing the “Dance of Old”, the music fills their minds with the memories of the ancient times long gone, their love for the Goddess, God, and nature, and the love for each other. This is what truly binds them together…this ancient music. They seem to become one.  Doing the steps of old, they are in a “place” called “All Time”, where past is present, present is past, and the future is now. They are one with those before them, those assembled, and those yet to come.
As the music speeds up and their feet move faster and faster and the blue cloud of energy gets bigger, they go deeper into”All Time”. They are now in a state of complete peace. In this state, their bodies are being rejuvenated, refreshed, and cleansed.
Many humans have witnessed these fairy rings, especially in Ireland, Finland, and England. Because the music is ancient and magical, it also touches a chord in humans, who are connected to the elementals, fairies, and all living things on this earth. So, due to this connection, many a human is been drawn into the fairy ring and innately picks up the steps and keeps up the pace….and enters “All Time”.
Unfortunately, once in the fairy ring, a human cannot break free from the dance. He cannot let go of the hands that hold his and so he must dance and dance until the fairies stop.
To fairies in “All Time”, time stops, but to a human, it does not. So, when the fairies stop dancing, the human finds that 100 or even 200 years of human time have passed and he is now in the future with all those he loved and all that he had long gone and turned to dust. What a frightening feeling that must be.
So, I give this warning to you… when you see a fairy ring or hear the ancient songs, do what you must to prevent yourself from joining the dance. Plug your ears with your fingers, bite your tongue to cause pain, and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. And, never ever eat or drink anything offered to you by a fairy.  Take this warning seriously or you will be lost in the future until your life on this earth comes to an end.
Each culture is beautiful. But, each culture has some things that those not part of it should not participate in…because the consequences may prove horrible.
Marsha J. West, Author
I just listed this Miniature Festive Fairy Feast Table and Two Fairy Flower Stools Overflowing With Delicious Fairy Foods in 1:12th Scale yesterday. Please come and see. I also made a matching hutch. That will be listed shortly.
See you at the shop!

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

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