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Orb Wands...Fact or Fiction?

Time really flies at this time of year! I cannot believe it has been a month since my last blog.
When I last blogged, I had set a goal to blog 2-3 times a week.  Well, I can’t go back, but the future is all ours…
Did I ever tell you the story about the enigmatic powerful and magical orb wands? No? Are you sure? Well, this is a wonderful time of year for me to tell you about them.

The orb wands are highly sought after, rare, coveted, and were protected. They possess magical abilities beyond your wildest dreams. Some people believe they don’t exist and never did…just a legend. While others, have spent their entire lives searching for them with no success.

Each orb’s magical power is housed/locked in the crystal orb, which is set, for protection, in an ancient hand forged medieval filigree metal cone to prevent it from being dropped and shattered to pieces, thus, rendering it completely useless. If shattered, its magic would ascend to the Universal Consciousness to await another vessel.

The cone shape was chosen to function as a wand to help direct the orb’s magic to its destined purpose.

To access the orb’s magical power, its key so to speak, and unlock/release the great power within, the possessor must know the three secret magical names, as well as the highly guarded secret rhyme, all coded in an ancient dead language which mixes symbols and letters.

The orbs, which can be clear or different colors, seem to glow from their surging power within. It is believed only seven were ever created. No one knows for certain who originally created these orbs, except perhaps the Knights Templar, their guardians, why they were created, and why only seven in total. Why seven?

Also, it is believed that perhaps only the Knights Templar have the instructions in an ancient coded language on how to access the orbs’ powers and use them. But, no one knows for certain. Perhaps that information was lost in the fire in the great library in Alexandria so many centuries ago. Yes, these orbs are, quite possibly, that old.

At one time, all seven of the orbs were in the watchful care, possession, and protection of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar’s charge was to assure that not even one of the orbs fell into the hands of evil, demons, ones who wished to do harm, ones with their own agendas, ones who are immature and would use the orb for their own selfish gain, the scientific community who would try to determine whether the orb did indeed have magical abilities, and all other people of similar natures. The Knights Templar were also responsible for assuring that knowledge of these orbs never became public.

But, somehow, someone was able to steal the orbs, all seven of them. That means, that person, entity or being knows the three secret magical names, as well as the highly guarded secret rhyme, all coded in an ancient dead language which mixes symbols and letters.
(Wearing the “Cloak of Invisibility *, which he stole intentionally to obtain that which he desired, eluded the Knights Templar on watch. He snuck past them and went down to the sacred hiding place deep within the cave where the magical orb wands were kept.
It was pitch dark in the inner recesses of the deep underground cave, but his eyes had adapted years ago to the darkness, much like a bat’s eyes, since he spent most of his life in the dark.
Scanning the small tight area with his eyes, the man finally saw the orbs pushed far back into the deepest corner and covered in a sheer veil, resting on a purple velvet cloth. He could feel their energy vibrating. It seemed to enter his own body and he felt powerful and more confident. He said the ancient codes in all three languages aloud and snatched them up, showing no reverence for their power. He then put them in a satchel he was carrying under the “Cloak of Invisibility”.
He did all this while the Knights Templar “stood guard” above him in the upper reaches of the cave. Quietly and invisibly, he ascended, slipped past them, and departed the way he had entered.
As he was leaving, a small bud of hope grew in his heart, thus causing a tightening in his chest and throat. He hoped that perhaps one of these magical and powerful  orb wands would be the tool to finally remove the curse cast upon him so long ago…But, foolish man, little did he know what great power they held and what awaited him when he attempted to use one.
*From the Harry Potter series of books)
Not long after the theft, while the Knights Templar, not revealing that all seven were gone and having no explanation as to how or when, were charged with the immediate task of recovering all seven of the stolen orbs and move them to a new location in a different part of the world.
But, one by one, the orbs began appearing for sale on the black market of those “with the power”.
This caused much concern and worry at the Wizard’s High Council, the Witches’ and Warlocks’ Covens, and for the Queen of the Fae, as well as the elementals, fairies, and other inhabitants of the Enchanted Woods. So far the knowledge of their disappearance was kept quiet within The Enchanted Woods. But, something had to be done to find them. And, to the shock of everyone who knew, more than the original seven had been seen for sale.

So, several very powerful and wise wizards, witch High Priestesses, and the Queen of the Fae decided to form a group to determine why and how many orb wands were now surfacing and replicating. If there were more than seven, they were indeed replicating. Since ancient times, it was believed that only seven existed. If this were true, then, how could there be more? How?

Together these wise ones hoped to solve the mysteries surrounding the orb wands. Already one of the wizards in the group proposed a theory… perhaps the orb wands, when created, were imbued with some magical survival ability to replicate themselves. Or the original seven, when separated, were programmed to replicate themselves.

These two ideas captured the interest of the group and they all agreed to take one of the orb wands and conduct experiments and tests on it to see if this could be true. But, they were all fully aware that despite their individual wisdom and knowledge, as well as their combined ones, they still didn’t know the extent of the orb wands powers or how to access it. They heard an ancient document in code may have existed, but it was never seen or spoken of after the great fire that destroyed the library at Alexandria.

After months of study and experimentation, the group re-gathered to share their findings. Each had discovered some small things, but still did not uncover its real source of power or why the orbs were replicating.

So, it was proposed that together, they unite all their powers and put a spell on each orb in their possession and those that were not. The spell’s intent was to prevent any evil entity or being from using an orb to do any harm to anyone or anything ever. This small safety net would only protect evil doers from doing immediate harm to anyone or anything, but would not stop the orbs from using their innate powers when they were discovered and accessed or when used by the person, entity or being that stole them.

 But, this spell would give them all time to do more study and investigation into these beautiful, but mysterious orb wands, while the Knights Templar searched for the thief of the seven original ones which were under their care. If he was caught, then they could interrogate him and find out what they needed to know about the orbs and their powers. Little did they know that the one, who stole all seven orbs right from under their noses, was no longer capable of telling anyone anything.
He did indeed access one small portion of one of the orb’s powers, but, unfortunately, he, how shall I put it, mishandled its power and the orb’s power turned on him and he was instantly deformed and transported somewhere in time and space.
It would be impossible for the wizards and other inhabitants of the Enchanted Woods to buy each orb wand that comes up for sale and to house them in the Enchanted Woods. They would not be safe there. So, Enchanticals was given a great honor of trust to sell them to its buyers. They know Enchanticals’ buyers will not use them for any harm or evil.
In fact, there are some for sale right now. They would make fantastic and unusual stocking stuffers. I will be listing more in the next few days.
Let me show you some of the wands that are for sale and those that have sold...