Thursday, October 27, 2011

Enchanticals Has A New Look!

Enchanticals has a new banner and Avatar. I really thrilled with them because I feel they represent the essence of Enchanticals.

I am also proud of myself. I made them both myself. In fact, I made 85 different banners and I chose this one.  I feel, it represents the enchantment, magic, whimsy, creativity, imagination, and the Enchanted Woods housed within Enchanticals.

When I made the previous banner, my computer knowledge was weak. I should never have doodled in computer class. Ha! That first banner took me two months to create with an Etesian staffer holding my hand all the way. It was pretty, but simple, and did not capture the enchanted magic of my Enchanticals.

Here’s a look at the banner and Avatar. The best way to see them is to stop by the shop. I am still listing new creations and relisting expired ones, but it is getting back to normal.

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

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