Saturday, July 28, 2012

Miniature Altered and Hand Painted Enchanted Witch Cabinet with Altar Dedicated to the Goddess

“A Little Tale”…

Sadie was born into a large family. She had four older sisters and three older brothers. And, because she was the “baby”, each of them spoiled her, played with her, delighted in her, and loved her dearly.

Both of Sadie’s parents had been only children. When they were each growing up, they had no aunts, uncles or cousins. So, when they married, they both wanted a lot of children. They didn’t want their kids to miss out, as they did, on big family reunions, Holiday gatherings, and other extended family related events.

Both sets of Sadie’s grandparents were dead, so, it was just her immediate family, but that was enough for her. Holidays were bursting with fun and activity, vacations were larger than life, and the family enjoyed each other’s company enormously.

Life was good for Sadie. She was a perfectly happy and contented little girl. She thought of herself as luckiest girl in the world.

But, life is never static; nothing stays the same for long. It seems as though life likes to send change our way either to challenge us to make us either grow or wither. Why? Who can say?

Change, depending on the type of change life sends us, can be perceived as either good or bad. One could suppose, it is all in the way you look at it and deal it. It could be an opportunity for some or it could break the hearts of others. Maybe that is why so many people fear change, especially if your life, at the moment, is wonderful.

Sadie’s life did, in fact, change drastically. One day, when she was at her weekly ballet class, a tragedy occurred. Both her parents and all her brothers and sisters were at home. They were doing what families do… some watching TV, some reading, some talking…

While involved in their respective activities, the water line on the water heater broke and water exploded everywhere, extinguishing the pilot light in the unit. This released gas that quickly filled the entire house. The family did not readily notice the obnoxious odor of the gas until the entire house was filled with it.

When they did, the father jumped up, shouted for his family to get out, and ran upstairs to the water heater. Unfortunately, as he was running up the stairs, his shoes caused a spark on the carpet and the entire house, now filled with family and gas, exploded into the ether. No one or anything was left of the house, its inhabitants or contents.

When told of the news, Sadie went into shock and remained in a coma like state for weeks. She didn’t want to wake up. She was alone, all alone, and homeless.

Throughout her childhood, teen years, and young adult years, Sadie always felt incomplete and completely alone. She carried a huge hole inside of her, a hole that could not be filled by anyone or anything. Having experienced what she did as a child, losing all those she loved, Sadie changed as a person.

She was no longer the outgoing, loving, and happy person she once was. Instead, she had a nastiness in her… a mean and hateful bend. She never hurt anyone, but, felt overwhelming jealousy towards those with families; hate for those with love and attention; and resentment for the way her life turned out.

So, she leaned toward the dark and wanted, at times, to take the happiness away from others. She hoped this would fill that gigantic emptiness inside of her. She felt if the “score” were somehow evened, then her emptiness and aloneness, in addition to her lack of emotions, would go away.

Then, one day, when she was in her twenties, she was walking by the local bookstore on the corner and stopped to gaze in the window at the newly released books. One book in particular caught her eye, and for the first time, in so long, she felt something stir inside of her. She felt curiosity. She went inside and bought the book. When she got home, she sat down and, immediately, read it from cover to cover.

When she finished, she felt she was no longer alone. She felt one with Nature, with the Universe, and with the Goddess. She told herself that the Goddess had seen her in such pain and aloneness, so She called out to her to help her and bring her into Her arms.

That day was the beginning of Sadie’s new life. She read and learned all there was to learn and know about the Goddess and Her faith. Sadie no longer felt alone… she had a “mother” beside her and a “mother” who was watching out for her.

But, studying and learning her new faith alone and with the painful baggage she carried inside of herself, Sadie twisted many of the dogmas and concepts of her new faith and newly found “Mother”. Sadie still carried her feelings of resentment of others’ happiness and family and her desire to rob others of what she had lost. But, now with the Goddess by her side, she felt empowered and thought that maybe one day, with her new wisdom and knowledge, she might just even the scales of life.

When that day would be, right now she didn’t know, but she was confident she would know when the time was right to take from those what was taken from her.
-Marsha J. West, Author

(This story and my creation, this cabinet, may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, stolen, distributed or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. Marsha J. West. All Rights Reserved.)

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

So Much Enchantment is Afoot!!

Hello! It has been awhile since my last post.
It seems I have not been here as much as I should, and…that’s half true. But, my mind has been on Enchanticals constantly.

My Muses are really filled with such stimulation so... my creative juices are flowing like magical and enchanted water from a dam. So many new things will be listed shortly.

I am still creating and creating.
I am an enchanted woman possessed.

It feels wonderful. I should send my Muses to Paris more often!
Gosh and Golly, I love imagination and creativity. I plan to start listing some of my new creations this week.

So... get ready cuz here they come…

Enchanticals is known predominantly for my creations in 1:12th scale, as well as my miniature and elemental bottles. However, I love Fashion Dolls and love to create vanities, home d├ęcor, furniture, accessories, jewelry and much more for them in their scales 1:6th and 1:4th.
This year I had decided to only sell my 1: 12th creations at Enchanticals. But, I miss my 1:6th and 1:4th Fashion Doll items. So, Enchanticals will once again sell one of kind handmade creations for Fashion Dolls in scales 1:6th and 1:4th.

However, not to worry!! Miniature Dollhouse Scale of 1:12th will still be Enchanticals’ main focus.
Enchanticals’ new product line...

Miniature Magic Wands with Matching Crystal Ball Bases…

“Owning a crystal ball, in addition to the ability to “see” events yet to happen, is a true gift. However, also owning a magic wand with magical powers and abilities that can alter those future events “yet to come” that you see in your crystal ball is even more of a gift!” (Marsha J. West ©, Author)

Note: These are fantasy items and possess no magical powers or abilities.
I am thrilled to share with you that they have been a bit hit! At a recent art show, I brought 15 of these magic wand and matching crystal ball base sets and they all sold out in an hour! Plus, I received many requests from those who were not able to buy them! (I do not do special requests on Etsy.)

When I listed one set in Enchanticals it sold the next day.

Also, on Flickr, the first and only one I listed on Enchanticals, (
it has received to date close to 300 views, numerous top Flickr awards, wonderful praise and comments, favs+++, as well as being included in galleries. Galleries on Flickr are akin to Treasuries on Etsy.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful response. I love making them and will continue to do so in both traditional and unusual color combinations.

Come visit Enchanticals ( and see the new product line!