Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Look!!

Enchanticals has a new look!

The banner and Avatar are both new.

I am really delighted and enchanted with them… I feel they represent the spirit of Enchanticals much better.

Do come see.
I am still busy listing and relisting expired items, as well as making cosmetic changes on Enchanticals at Etsy and at all my online place. (This should be a lifelong endeavor.) I really do hate to see my “Heart of Snow” avatar leave. She has been with me for so long. But, starting fresh is a good thing.
Are you ready for Halloween or All Hallo’s Eve? That giant cosmic wheel which separates our world from the afterlife must be slowly turning so that it is in the correction position to create the portal for spirits to enter our world for one night.
I often wondered why, if the portal opens from one world to the next, why we can’t enter it and visit our loved ones on the other side. Perhaps the ones that do come come for malice, mischief, evil, retribution, and other undesirable intentions. The good spirits have no reason to want to come back. They are at peace.
That must be why the night is froth with negative energy, evil, living dead, vampires, spooks galore, and scary things.
****Important for those of you who have nonhuman BLACK or black with white kitty/cat babies…. Starting now, do not let them outside at all. Many disappear…never to be found. Sadly, the ones that are found have had horrible things done to them. So please keep your kitties/cat inside. Same goes, really, for all kitties/cats, as well as black dogs. Rescue groups do not adopt out any black animals during the entire month of October.
Just a reminder… Halloween or All Hallows Eve creations are year round at Enchanticals, not just one day. You see, the Enchanted Woods is truly an enchanted and magical place. It is home to magic. What goes on in the Enchanted Woods is quite different than what happens here in our human world. The Enchanted Woods is part of our world but is also, well, the ‘universal” world where magic and science are one, enchantment and magic reside, and the origination point of legends, lore, myths, and sacred geometry.  So, ghoulies, spooks, vampires, and the undead reside here along with unicorns, fairies, wizards, witches, gnomes,  the Unseelie Court, elementals, and the elements. It is home to all things, believed by humans or not.
Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

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