Monday, October 24, 2011

Vampires on This Dark and Spooky Night...

Since Halloween is coming up pretty fast, I thought a good spooky subject like vampires would be just the ticket. Here at my house tonight, it is very dark outside and I feel in the mood for a spooky story or two.

I have always, and I mean always, been terrified of vampires. As a child, I used to fall asleep with both my hands over my throat and kept a bottle of Holy Water on my nightstand. Ha!

Now, vampires are so in, you have to like them! But, never let your guard down. When they need to feed, they don’t care who they feed on...

So… how about a couple of tales, hmm?

“A Little Tale”…

Many people think making the choice to become a vampire is an easy one. But, many times, no choice is involved at all. If one’s blood is sucked by a vampire, not until total death, as we know it, but rather to the very edge of complete death, well, then, that person is caught between dead and undead and becomes a vampire.

The life of a vampire must be a difficult one for those who did not chose such a life. Imagine being forced to forsake the daylight and the warmth of the afternoon sun? Imagine having to spend eternity in the darkness of the night always on the hunt for human prey to satisfy your constant craving for human or any blood? Imagine sleeping in your own coffin?

Fear must be a constant companion for these vampires. They must worry whether they will be able to find fresh blood to stop that pulsating and throbbing in their heads and the twisting of hunger and longing in their stomachs. And… will you find fresh blood before daylight? Imagine being tied, so to speak, to your coffin? What if there is a fire or some other situation that destroys your refuge or separates you from it? And, if you have not chosen to be a vampire, but made so against your will, imagine your horror at the life you are now destined to lead?

Plus, you are alone. You no longer have the family you had when truly alive. And, you are no longer a part of your circle of friends. They are all lost to you forever. You are completely and utterly alone in the darkness of the night having to spend eternity with the undead; killing humans, something you yourself once were and still consider yourself to be; and then sleeping in a box of wood made for the dead.

Then, there are those vampires who make the conscious choice to become a vampire. Not only do they enjoy the hunt, but they desire immortality at all costs. To them, the night is beautiful, quiet, and the moon, in each of its phases during the Wheel of the Year, is enticing and mesmerizing. It awakens the primal urges inside of them that were asleep for so many years and they can, with no consequences, give into all those urges. The night sky, with or without stars, black and empty or filled with clouds is like a canvas and they are a part of that beautiful dark base painting.

For these, they anticipate the hunt and find pleasure in choosing their prey from which they slowly suck and savor its life’s blood. For the slower a vampire feeds, the sweeter and warmer the blood and the more satiated he feels. And when his prey is emptied and falls limp from his deadly embrace, he is filled with life, energy, indescribable joy, and a feeling of great power. He can, after all, decide who lives and who dies and he can take a life or save one. He must feel like a god. Yes, a god of evil and darkness, but a god nonetheless.
This particular vampire enjoys entertaining his victims before he sucks their blood. For those he does not kill but rather makes into vampires, he is a gracious host and serves them plasma and fingers cut from past victims, which he keeps frozen so they retain their freshness. The new vampire, confused and hungry, joins him in drinking the fresh blood from the vampire’s earlier kill and nibbles on the fingers as his thought race and he tries to suppress the mounting panic.

Life is funny. Some people get to chose their destinies and enjoy and savor its consequences while others have one forced upon them and they must make the best of a life they never even considered. It gives one pause as to why that is. Some live with the hand they are dealt and others deal.

~ Marsha J. West, Author of this original “A Little Tale”
This is my original story/tale and my property, as are my creations, and the photos of them. It is not to be copied, stolen, plagiarized, reprinted or used in any medium.

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Another “A Little Tale”…

When Count Valdek first saw the family castle he inherited located in the thick woods of northern Romania, he was appalled and disappointed to see its rundown and dilapidated condition. Plus, there was no plumbing or heat and the place felt damp and raw and spelled dank.

He couldn’t understand why his late great uncle had let the family place deteriorated to this state. The old man certainly had plenty of money. He knew this for a fact because, along with the castle, he inherited that too. It was going to take years to remodel, update, and restore it to its once luxurious and elegant condition.

Good thing that Count Valdek was a vampire. For him time no longer mattered. If it took a year or ten year to restore, it was all the same to him. He was eternal and ageless.

However, his immediate need was to hire someone to renovate and restore two or three rooms, plus the fireplaces, so he could live comfortably while all the major renovation were being done. He also had to find a place deep within the cellar for his coffin. He would have to restore and secure that area himself to protect his identity and, of course, his coffin… for without it, he would surely die.
~ Marsha J. West, Author

This is my original story/tale and my property, as are my creations, and the photos of them. It is not to be copied, stolen, plagiarized, reprinted or used in any medium.

BOO!  Make certain you have Holy Water on your nightstand.

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

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