Saturday, September 18, 2010

Deliciously Ghoulish Vampire Kitchen Diorama for the Vampire Who Loves to Cook~1:12th Scale

Are in the Halloween mood? I am. It has been raining for two days and the weather, surprisingly, has cooled off. It is misty, damp, smells of the earth, and foggy. Ripe weather for All Hallow’s Eve!

I would love for you to visit Enchanticals ( and see all the wonderful spooky Halloween creations, as well as read the “A Little Tale” that accompanies each one, as well as my other creations.

But, if you can’t get over there right now, I am bringing them to you …one at a time.

oooOOOOOOO! Get ready. Spooky time is afoot!

"Deliciously Ghoulish Vampire Kitchen Diorama for the Vampire Who Loves to Cook~1:12th Scale"

“He drank my blood til I was almost dry.
I just laid there waiting to die.
Neither dead nor alive was I,
But, rather in a state of neither here nor there.
I had my physical body intact
But, sadly, my immortal soul I now did lack.
Frozen forever between life and death...
No longer really alive nor truly dead…
Never to go back and never to go ahead…
It would have been best if I were truly truly dead.”
~ Marsha J. West, Author*

“A Little Tale”…

I always loved to cook. Even though I was self taught, I could whip up a delicious seven course meal in no time at all. My family and friends adored my repasts. The wine glasses tingled as toasts were passed. The candles on the table were always aglow and the food looked as good as it tasted. Never was there a bit wasted.

I had a good, no a wonderful life, filled with family, love, friends, a career, travel, financial independence, and a new boyfriend. He was bright, fun, funny, worldly, but possessed many secrets. He had the wisdom of an old soul. Although, he joined us for my big dinners, he ate very little, if at all.

At times he was aloof and disappeared for weeks on end, giving no excuse. I got used to not asking for any. I just accepted it and soon it became the norm. We made passionate love, but he always left before the sun rose. “A quirk,” he said. Again, like a fool, I did not question this. I just let it be.

Then in the eight month of our relationship, during the phase of the big bright beautiful full moon, after making love, he drank my blood for the first time. I was frightened, but the sensation made me heady, so, I allowed him to continue. It then became our routine… love making, then blood sucking. This went on for a few months.

Then, it happened. He solidified our relationship and the deed was done. He drank and drank until I could not move a muscle. I felt weak and scared, but he cooed me into believing I would live forever, remain young and beautiful, and never age a day.

But, he did not tell me what eternal life would be like or rather what “his” way of living forever would entail. But, by then, I loved and trusted him. So again, I asked no questions.

From then on there was no going back and no going forward. My soul was his to keep. I saw my last sunrise the day before I became a vampire.
~ Marsha J. West, Author*

* The “A Little Tale” and this vampire diorama are my own creations, ideas, and executions. They are not to be copied, reprinted, reproduced, resold or used in any medium without my prior permission.

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