Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Hallow’s Eve Count Down

All Hallow’s Eve is almost here.

All Hallow’s Eve is the one day of the year when the portal between this world and the world of the dead opens and… the dead; both good and evil can walk once again among us, the living.

The Wheel of the Year turns slowly all year, going from spring to summer to autumn and to winter. And, in between, finally, when the sun sets on October 31st, the portal is opened and the spirits pass through. They can run free, do as what they wish, go where they want, and visit those they left behind.

Have you ever wondered what the spirits do on The Other Side before the portal opens? They have, after all, waited all year for this one night.

Well, just like they were when living, the spirits on The Other Side are all different. Some line up and wait to be the first ones out the portal.  They are very much like the living who on the day after Thanksgiving, line up at 2 o’clock am for a 4 o’clock am opening of their store of choice.

Others, limber up so that they can take full advantage of “being alive again”. 

Still others, well, they catch some ZZZs so that they have plenty of energy to frolic, create havoc, haunt or visit loved ones. And, some even get themselves all fixed up so they look their best.

So, this All Hallow’s Eve, when the sun goes down, if you, the living, have done bad deeds to someone who has died and may return, I recommend that you watch your backs.  You never know what lies in wait for you. 

The dead don’t have much time from sundown to sunrise, so they will have their plans in order and will waste no time.  

In some cases, some of the dead, the truly evil ones, do not return to the portal and pass back through. They remain here. It is best to be vigilant each night as you go out or even as you stay inside your home. Until those evil spirits are forced back to The Other Side, they will be among us, the living.

Have a safe and fun Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve.



The two weeks and the week after Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve are the most dangerous for black, black and white, and Tortie cats/kitties.

So, PLEASE, do NOT let your babies out during this time period. Keep your eyes on them! Many cats/kitties disappear, are tortured, killed, and other unspeakable things are done to them.

Responsible cat rescue groups do not adopt out black cats/kitties during the entire month of October!

Please, be loving, caring, and responsible and protect your black, black and white, and Tortie cats/kitties.

BOO! Marsha, Enchanticals

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