Monday, February 13, 2012

Discounts Now Offered at Enchanticals at my Etsy Shop!

I am offering discounts to returning buyers and blog followers!!
~Returning Buyers~ I have the greatest buyers! So, to thank you, starting now… every time you buy something at Enchanticals ( , you will receive a 10% discount on items or a combination of items totaling over $5.00 or more (shipping, tax, and the like not included). Please note in your comments section that you are a returning customer. I am updating my buyers’ list.
~Enchanticals Blog Members~ Existing and New Members ~ My wonderful current blog members (thank you!) and new members of my blog will receive a onetime 15% discount on any item or combination of items totaling $5.00 or more (shipping, tax and the like not included.). Please note in your comments section that you are a follower of my blog or just joined my blog. I am updating my blog followers’ list.
If you are an existing buyer, as wel as a follower of my blog, the discounts can't be combined.
I am certain you understand.

I also offer a Layaway Plan at Enchanticals at Etsy. Let’s be honest, even though our economy is making our wallets slim, we still want to shop. It’s on our DNA; I think we all have a marker on our DNA for “Shop til you Drop!
With my Layaway Plan, you can spread your payments out over time and have no worries about interest charges, high credit limits or any of that jazz. Details of my Layaway Plan are in my Policies.
I have new items listed and will be listing more as the weeks go on. My creative juices are flowing like crazy.
Cupid’s Miniature Enchanted Supply Hutch
Being the son of Venus (goddess of love) and Mars, Cupid is a god himself. He was believed to be one of the primordial gods and so, naturally, he lived on Mount Olympus.
However, he loved to spend his time on the Earth shooting his arrows at humans. Cupid supposedly carried two sets of arrows: one gold-headed, which inspires love; and the other lead-headed, which inspires hatred.
While on the Earth, even Cupid needs a place to keep all his possession, such as his love potions, Love Dust, the snake that tempted Adam and Eve, and his book of Love Spells, just to name a few, as well as his bow and arrows.  So, he created a hutch for all of them… much like this one. 
Having the powers of the Gods, Cupid keeps his enchanted hutch hidden where no one can find it. He can hide his hutch in such a way no one can find it. Plus, he has endowed it with the ability to “move” with him wherever he goes. A simple beckon of his finger and …POOF! It appears wherever he is.

Listed for sale at Enchanticals…Here is the direct link to Enchanticals:
Have a love filled Valentine’s Day!
And, remember to make it enchanted, Marsha

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