Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Protect Your Cats During Halloween Season


Yes, Halloween is loads of fun...for some of us. But, not for black cats/kitties!

It is the most dangerous time of year for them.

Cats/kitties are tortured and/or killed or tortured and left to die, suffering greatly and, sometimes, for a long time.

So, PLEASE keep your black cats/kitties indoors two weeks before and one week after Halloween.

And, keep them in even in the daytime. They can be nabbed and kept until Halloween.

Most shelters and rescue groups do not adopt out black cats/kitties for the entire month of Halloween.

Please, do not let them be tortured or killed. No one should have to endure such a horror.

Marsha, Enchanticals

Green Cat by Warhol

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are You Ready???

So…are you ready?  Are you getting psyched for Halloween? Hmmmm??????????

To get you into spooky-mode al la Enchanticals, here’s a little tale I wrote*…

Imagine this…

It is one of those damp and dreary, foggy drizzly nights in late October. You are alone and this is confirmed when you look around you see no one else outside on the street. A shutter shakes your entire body.

You are chilled to the bone due to the weather, but also by the fact that it seems this month, unlike the other prior nine months of the year, have speeded up.

All Hallow’s Eve is almost here. In the deepest part of your soul, your essence, you can feel that portal, which will have fully opened on All Hallow’s Eve, turning ever so slowly; but turning nonetheless. Your soul remembers from ancient times when demons and devils walked openly among the humans.  Terror fills your mind and you shake your head, trying to erase that ancient memory.

An icy chill climbs up your spine from its base to your neck, goose bumps cover your arms, and perspiration forms on your forehead. You know, that portal will be fully opened on All Hallow’s Eve and good spirits, evil spirits, devils, and demons will pass through it from The Other Side and enter this world… the world of the living.

And, when that night is spent and the portal slowly begins to close, the good spirits will return Home, the evil ones will be pulled roughly back to Hell, as will some of the demons. But… some of the demons with great powers and a mission will remain here among the living.

You feel the uncontrollable urge to start running, but your legs fail you. They will not move. Panic is flooding your mind. Memories from millions of years long past flood your brain. You want to hide, but you know that is pointless. If one for those remaining demons has your name and is looking for you, there is no where you can hide… No one to ask for help…

All the prayers you learned as a child and have not said in decades rush to the front of your mind. Out loud you chant over and over, “Please, Lord, not me” “Please, Lord, not me.”
If not you, then who?
-Marsha J. West, Author

*(These creations/works and “A Little Tale” may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, distributed or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. It is my personal creative property. Marsha J. West © All Rights Reserved.)

Keep a light on tonight...

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blog Not Showing Comments

My blog's gadget which shows all the comments is not working.


But, thank you all for all of them. Gotta work on this blog. Bad, Marsha


I just listed this a few days ago and I am so in love with it. 

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

Halloween Is Afoot at Enchanticals

Hi, All! Halloween is in full swing at Enchanticals at Etsy. Lots of haunted and spooky creations.

Scared yet? Ha! there is more...

Now these two Angels have this tale to share with you…

“A Little Tale”…

Yep…there they are... the two Angels of Death…together…

One is the good one who takes you Home to Paradise and the other, well, he’s the evil one who drags his souls, begging, kicking and screaming, to the putrid, hot, overcrowded fires of Hell for eternity.

The two have known each other for eons. They aren’t friends because they have no interests in common, except one. Instead of waiting, as they should, at the death beads of the very sick or at accident scene to take the person’s soul when he/she dies, they hang out together at the cemetery, making small talk, telling jokes, and passing the time. They’re lazy. And, this laziness is what they have in common.

Both figure it’s stupid to chase around from location to location to get their souls and take them to their eternal destination, when they can just wait at the grave site
 and have the souls delivered to them, so to speak. But, if you think about it, they’re cruel, as well as lazy. 

The dead person can’t get free of his or her physical body without the Angel of Death taking their soul. Imagine how scary it is for that dead one…having to wait.* You’d expect that of the evil Angel of Death, but the good one? Ahh… the duality of nature…even within good and evil. Nonetheless, these two don’t care.

So, here they stand together again…Yin and Yang, good and evil…waiting for the next soul to arrive at the cemetery to see which one of them will get the new arrival.
*This is a fantasy story with fantasy statements; it is NOT to be taken as true or real.
-Marsha J. West, Author
(This creation/work and “A Little Tale” may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, distributed or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. It is my personal creative property. Marsha J. West © All Rights Reserved.)

I did a series of coffins and furniture based on the 7 Deadly Sins. This one is Greed.

There are plenty more.

 In fact, I have 5 haunted pieces ready to list. They will be listed this week.

Do stop by Enchanticals at Etsy. I'd love to see you.


Be Enchanted Always, Marsha


Friday, August 23, 2013

Hi, All! Well, here it is August 23, 2013 and I have not yet revamped my blog. Fear you say? Nope. Lazy? Nope.

My love, my heart, my BFF, and fiance, Phillipe, died from pancreatic cancer. No warning. One day he was here and then, shortly, the Angel of Death took him.

He was French... from Paris, France. When he was dying, we went home to Paris so he could die there in his parents' estate. He did not even want to go to his own estate.

So, you see... the road has been rough, but  I am enchanted once again, my creativity is in full swing, and I know he is with me. I am creating like crazy. 

Thank you, my dear followers, for not leaving me.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Enchanticals' blog is going to be having a major overhaul. As you, my enchanted followers, may have noticed, I have not blogged for awhile.

I have a year's worth of posts ready to go with tons of photos, but, due to this format, I have writer's blog block. I am a writer, but the format of this blog, well, it makes me freeze in my tracks!

If I try to post something, after I preview it and post it, everything else is gone (Really! Really!). Or the spacing is so off or...

It then takes me 3 hours to rebuild it. The stress and frustration is enough to make even me, Ms. Enchanted, no longer feeling enchanted.

I want to blog so badly. I want to involve all of you. I want us to have fun. 

So, I decided the other evening, when sitting and discussing it with the little wizard, who lives under the plumbago bush in my backyard, that it is time for a major overhaul. He agreed, after I spent an hour trying to make him understand what a blog is and why it is so much fun. Ha! Wizards. Who gets them?

He then gave me a magic potion to drink to allow me to change it.  I have not taken it yet. Don’t tell him, but I think chocolate and tea would have been better. Ha!

I appreciate all you hanging with me, waiting... Well, hang on a bit longer, PLEASE. This blog is going to be smokin'. We are going to have fun.

I have so many new creations, ideas for this blog, contests planned, and so much more. I want this to be an interactive blog where you can promote your stuff, creations, photos, lives or whatever, be featured, and be a real part of Enchanticals.

Stay put, okay?  The new Enchanticals’ blog is coming.

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Hallow’s Eve Count Down

All Hallow’s Eve is almost here.

All Hallow’s Eve is the one day of the year when the portal between this world and the world of the dead opens and… the dead; both good and evil can walk once again among us, the living.

The Wheel of the Year turns slowly all year, going from spring to summer to autumn and to winter. And, in between, finally, when the sun sets on October 31st, the portal is opened and the spirits pass through. They can run free, do as what they wish, go where they want, and visit those they left behind.

Have you ever wondered what the spirits do on The Other Side before the portal opens? They have, after all, waited all year for this one night.

Well, just like they were when living, the spirits on The Other Side are all different. Some line up and wait to be the first ones out the portal.  They are very much like the living who on the day after Thanksgiving, line up at 2 o’clock am for a 4 o’clock am opening of their store of choice.

Others, limber up so that they can take full advantage of “being alive again”. 

Still others, well, they catch some ZZZs so that they have plenty of energy to frolic, create havoc, haunt or visit loved ones. And, some even get themselves all fixed up so they look their best.

So, this All Hallow’s Eve, when the sun goes down, if you, the living, have done bad deeds to someone who has died and may return, I recommend that you watch your backs.  You never know what lies in wait for you. 

The dead don’t have much time from sundown to sunrise, so they will have their plans in order and will waste no time.  

In some cases, some of the dead, the truly evil ones, do not return to the portal and pass back through. They remain here. It is best to be vigilant each night as you go out or even as you stay inside your home. Until those evil spirits are forced back to The Other Side, they will be among us, the living.

Have a safe and fun Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve.



The two weeks and the week after Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve are the most dangerous for black, black and white, and Tortie cats/kitties.

So, PLEASE, do NOT let your babies out during this time period. Keep your eyes on them! Many cats/kitties disappear, are tortured, killed, and other unspeakable things are done to them.

Responsible cat rescue groups do not adopt out black cats/kitties during the entire month of October!

Please, be loving, caring, and responsible and protect your black, black and white, and Tortie cats/kitties.

BOO! Marsha, Enchanticals